• Electrical system design and plan preparation.
  • Controls and instrumentation design.
  • SCADA System design.
  • Planning and preliminary engineering studies.
  • Feasibility and economic studies.
  • Cost estimating.
  • Surveys and investigations of electrical systems.
  • Short circuit calculations.
  • Coordination studies and relay setting.
  • Solicitation¬† and evaluation of bids for electrical systems.
  • Construction administration.


  • Lighting, power and grounding systems for buildings.
  • Lighting, power and grounding systems for plants.
  • Fire alarm and security systems.
  • Data and voice communication systems.
  • Emergency power supply and distribution.
  • Design of medium and low voltage electrical substations and distribution systems.
  • Lighting protection system.
  • Instrumentation and controls.
  • Lighting and power for recreational facilities including ball fields.
  • Lighting and power budget calculations.
  • renovation of building electrical systems.
  • Coordination studies.
  • Relay and protective device settings.
  • Grounding grid calculations.
  • Controls and instrumentation for water and wastewater plants and pumps stations.